HLSM Magento 1.x Integration

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HLSM Magento 1.x Integration


This is a Magento microsite that we developed to demonstrate our Magento HLSM Parts Finder Integration.

The most important part is the integration, obviously. But we hopped up the site with a few excellent (and free) Magento extensions that every small business running Magento should utilize.

First is the OnePica ImageCDN. We’ve used this on several client sites and are always amazed at the ease of installation. We’re also running the Lesti Full Page Cache. We don’t have a lot of experience with it on a production site, but it has an excellent reputation.

There a couple of absolute admin tools – Firegento is available on Github and offers debugging and module checking. Alan Storm’s Configuration Search¬†allows novice and expert Magento admin’s alike to keep their sanity. Where was that *@#$ setting?